​Wholesale Used Mobile Phones

There is nowhere better to buy your wholesale refurbished cell phones than from Mobile Group

You only have to cast your eye over a well know auction site to get an idea of the magnitude of the used mobile phones and pre owned smartphone’s market. The fact is not everybody can afford to buy a new phone while others don’t want to be tied into long contracts in order to secure a phone.

Demand is far outstripping supply, so anybody looking to supplying mobile phones would be wise to start off with used handsets.

One big plus that as they are used phones your initial investment is greatly decreased, meaning you can get a lot of stock for not a lot of money, and the fast turnover will get your fledgling business off to a great start. With so many handsets available from so many manufacturers, and we carry the best of them, it is incredibly easy to target the niche markets and ensure steady sales rather than stick to one.

Here at Mobile Group we offer our EU customers used phones via EU reverse charge along with the VAT margin simplified scheme known as global accounting.

We offer finest quality pre-owned wholesale refurbished and used mobile phone handsets for sale in the UK at best prices. You can buy your favourite Smartphone from any brand, as we deal in various brands including Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and more!

Why not request a copy of our price lists and see what we offer for yourself?

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