​New Mobile Phones

You can source a huge range of new mobile phones directly from us here at Mobile Group, a leading wholesale mobile phone distributor.

Sim free mobiles are not only hugely popular they also give a fabulous opportunity to make money by selling mobile phones at retail prices. The majority of consumers prefer the freedom that comes from having a sim free mobile and this is the reason why the backbone of our business, as suppliers, is bringing you the best possible selection of sim free mobile phones at the best possible wholesale prices. Also, you can buy the best graded, used and refurbished mobile phones on our store.

Our vast experience in this field see us supplying customers across the globe with top quality new mobile phones from such manufacturers as Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia.

Now is a perfect time to start selling mobile phones with so many different niche markets out there from business users to the used mobile phone market. Sim free mobiles always sell well since they offer customers the most freedom and do not require them to be tied to a particular network.

We supply businesses of all sizes so no matter what you require we are able to provide.

To request a price list simply fill out the quote request form and we’ll get back to you ASAP with prices for all our handsets and exciting new mobile phone deals in the UK which you can’t refuse!

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